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New Feature: iOS App for Sentry Freedom

Excited to announce that we are now in the iOS App Store.

Freedom eCall by Heritage MedCall: an add-on to the Sentry Freedom wireless emergency call system for notification on mobile iOS devices to staff members from resident alarms. Notifications can be sent to all mobile users or separated by floor or area.

• Place a staff assist call directly from an alarm.
• Call the resident using quick link to assigned phone number for resident.
• Respond to alarms which notifies other mobile users and desktop application that you will be attending to call.
• Finalize call and add a canned note or type in specific note about alarm.

Mobile app uses location services to aid in providing staff notifications which will cause some additional battery usage.
Freedom eCall is not a stand-alone application and will only work when on the same local WIFI network.

Download on the App Store



by Jerry Patterson Jerry Patterson

App available on Google Play

We are excited to announce that our Sentry Freedom application now has a companion messaging app for the Android platform and is available on Google Play. Contact Heritage MedCall for more details.
Get it on Google Play

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CO Detector added to product line

Added wireless carbon monoxide detector to product line.

HM-1245 CO Detector

The HM-1245 wireless CO detector features an onboard sounder, a CO sensor, LED indicators and local test capability to allow the user total visibility of its functionality. It is self-monitoring, alerting the user when sensor maintenance is needed or batteries are low and automatically supervising the radio link.

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Argentum Expo Show

Visit us at booth 1014

The Argentum Expo continues to be a leading trade show in the senior living industry, attracting over 250 exhibits and 2,500 senior living professionals. Rated as one of the “Top 25 Fastest Growing Shows – Attendance” in the country by Trade Show News Network, the Argentum Expo continues to help attendees reach their business goals.