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Freedom List

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Part Number
Wiring Inserts
HM-W541BOS Wireless Pull Cord Battery-N/O-3 minute HM-W541BOx Wiring
HM-W541BOL Wireless Pull Cord Battery-N/O-60 minute HM-W541BOx Wiring
HM-W541BOxA Wireless Pull Cord Battery with Assurance HM-W541BOxA Wiring
HM-W541ROS Wireless Pull Cord Rem. Pwr. N/O-3 min – DISCO HM-W541ROx Wiring
HM-W541ROL Wireless Pull Cord Rem. Pwr. N/O-60 min – DISCO HM-W541ROx Wiring
HM-W541RCS Wireless Pull Cord Rem. Pwr. N/C-3 minute HM-W541RCx Wiring
HM-W541RCL Wireless Pull Cord Rem. Pwr. N/C-60 minute HM-W541RCx Wiring
HM-W541RFx Wireless Pull Cord Rem. Pwr. with Smoke Control HM-W541RFx Wiring
HM-582RF Retro Fit Kit for HM-W541RFx HM-582RF Wiring
HM-WSPS Wireless Single Patient Station HM-WSPS Wiring
HM-541L Latching Remote Pull Cord HM-541L Wiring
HM-541 Momentary Remote Pull Cord (N/O)
HM-W530 24VDC 2.5 Amp Power Supply w/BU
HM-W534 12VDC 1.2 Amp Power Supply w/BU
HM-W536 12VDC 6 amp Power Supply w/Battery Backup HM-W536 Wiring
HM-W536-24V 24VDC 6 amp Power Supply w/Battery Backup HM-W536 Manual
HM-W537 12VDC 4 Amp Power Supply w/Battery Backup UL2560 HM-W537 Manual
HM-W537-24 24VDC 4 Amp Power Supply w/Battery Backup UL2560 HM-W537 Manual
HM-LI382LED LED Dome Light 2 Section
HM-1221S-60 Waterproof Pendant-60 minute
HM-1223S Pendant- 3 minute
HM-1223S-3600 Pendant-60 minute
HM-1235D Two Button Transmitter
HM-1210 Universal Transmitter-3 minute
HM-1210-240 Universal Transmitter-240 minute
HM-1210W Door/Window Transmitter-3 minute
HM-1210W-240 Door/Window Transmitter-240 minute
HM-1236D Two Button Transmitter – Used for Waypoints
HM-1241-60 Activity Sensor for Assurance Check-in 60 Minute
HM-1244 Wireless Smoke Detector
HM-1260 PIR Transmitter
HM-GN917001 Smoke Detector 110V/9V backup
HM-GN917004 Smoke Detector 110V/9V backup Form A/C
HM-4216MR Receiver 16 Point / 6 Relay Output NO/NC
HM-4232MR Receiver 32 Point / 12 Relay Ouput
HM-5040T Repeater w/transformer
HM-5040-20T Repeater w/transformer UL2560
HM-ACC650 Outdoor enclosure for Repeater
HM-ACC650H Heated outdoor enclosure for Repeater
HM-6040 Network Coordinator & Cable
HM-6080 Area Control Gateway
HM-PCW Desktop Computer
HM-PCW Remote Sentry Freedom Remote Console
HM-PCW-UL Sentry Freedom Computer for UL2560
HM-PoE Power over Ethernet for UL2560 and HM-6080
HM-515-M Keyboard and Mouse for UL2560
HM-533 Freedom PC Universal Power Supply
HM-FPT 15″ Touch Screen Flat Panel
HM-FP 17″ Flat Panel
HM-FP-19 19″ Flat Panel for UL2560
HM-FX-30 Flat Panel Wall Mount
HM-FR2-SW1 Sentry Software 1-500 Transmitters
HM-FR2-SW2 Sentry Software 500-8000 Transmitters
HM-FR2-SWN Sentry Software 1-8000 Transmitters and
HM-LP Laser Printer
Engenius Engenius Phone System with TAP interface
HM-639 Desktop Radio 2 Watt UHF with Interface
HM-651 Paging Transmitter – basic
HM-655 Magnet Mount Gain Antenna
HM-658 Alphanumeric pager
HM-660 Scrolling Marquis Display
HM-680 Page2Talk Radio Integration
HM-681 Radio UHF 2 watt
HM-682 Radio UHF 4 watt
HM-681-6 Gang Charger 6 Gang Charger for 681 Radio
HM-PDT3000 Paging Display
HM-SDACT Serail Dialer to Central Monitoring Station
HM-Y-Adapter Y-Adapter 1 Jack to 2 Bed Cord Adapter
HM-V/USB Voice Synth w/USB Sound and Interface
HM-CR2450N CR2450N Pendant Battery
HM-CR123A CR123A Universal Transmitter Battery
HM-AA AA NiMH Rechargeable Battery for PCA
HM-MH-C801 Eight Cell NiMH 1 Hour Charger
HM-SS1 Site Survey Kit
HM-FR-901 Technical Assistance Field Trip (1st day)
HM-FR-901A Technical Assistance Field Trip (Additional)
HM-FR-902 Corporate technical training Tampa, FL
HM-FR-903 Customer site technical training
HM-FR-930 Installation & Service Manual
HM-FR-BRO 4 color Sentry brochure
Freedom Wireless PDF of All Spec Sheets Listed on this page