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Legacy List

Sentry Legacy Wired E-Call Product List

Part Number
Wiring Inserts
HM-DM1 Dome Light – White
HM-501 Dual Serial Interface Card HM-501 Manual
HM-502 Quad Serial Interface – Discontinued HM-502 Manual
HM-503 Quad Isolated Serial Interface Card Set HM-503 Manual
HM-508 Video – Keyboard Extender
HM-513 Video Screen Flat Panel desk or wall mount
HM-516 Printer
HM-527 Residence Host Panel w/ Assurance HM-527 Manual
HM-527B Residence Host Panel w/ Assurance VerB
HM-528SP 527 RHP with ext. Assurance connector
HM-528 Utility Host Panel
HM-531 Power Supply Unit 12 V 4A Battery Back-up
HM-532 Power Supply, plug-in style 12V 1A
HM-533 Standby Power Source (SPS) 500VA
HM-534 Power Supply Unit 12V 1A Battery Back-up
HM-535 Power Supply Unit 12V 12A Battery Back-up HM-535 Manual
HM-536 Power Supply 12V 7A w/Terminal Board
HM-540 Emergency Call Station, Push-button
HM-541 Remote Emergency Call Station, 1 gang
HM-542 Remote Emergency Call Station, 2 gang
HM-544 Remote Call / Assurance Station
HM-545 Latching Call Station
HM-546 Wireless Remote Pendant (necklace) HM-546 Manual
HM-546A Wireless Remote Pendant (black watchband)
HM-546B Wireless Contact Monitor Transmitter
HM-547 Pendant Receiver HM-547 Manual
HM-547LX Pendant Receiver Long Range
HM-550 Master Controller/Console
HM-558 Polarity Guard HM-558 Wiring
HM-560 Smoke Detector – (12V system powered) HM-560 Manual
HM-560B Smoke Detector – (GE 4-wire)
HM-561 Carbon Monoxide Detector (12V system powered)
HM-566 Smoke Detector Horn Control Resistor 10K (brn)
HM-568 Smoke Detector Load Resistor1.2K (blue/wht)
HM-569 EOL device for multiple smoke detectors
HM-582 Host Panel Connector
HM-585 End-Of-Line resistor, 3.3K (orange)
HM-586 Remote Check-In Station Connector
HM-588 Terminal Board and enclosure
HM-588CAP Terminal Board CAP
HM-595 Plastic PCB track 12″
HM-610 Utility Input Panel HM-610 Manual
HM-612 Utility Output Panel
HM-633 1Ch Serial Converter (RS232-485)
HM-644 Sentry Voice Synthesizer
HM-645 Portable 2 way radio w/ charger
HM-647 10 Watt base station radio w/ antenna
HM-651 Paging Transmitter – basic
HM-658 Alphanumeric pager
HM-663 Event recording option
HM-665 Medical history option
HM-671 Bed Cord Wall Plate
HM-PBCC-8 8′ Pushbutton Call Cord
HM-PBCC-12 12′ Pushbutton Call Cord
HM-GER-8 8′ Geriatric/Mechanical Call Cord
HM-OXY-8 8′ Oxygen Safe Call Cord
HM-PPB Plug Pushbutton
HM-PLUG Call Cord Dummy Plug
HM-676 Remote LCD Display Module
HM-685 Strobe Light
HM-696 High Voltage, 1 Channel Data Line Isolator
HM-697 Full Duplex data line isolator (Host – Remote)
HM-825 Console Control terminal board & cable
HM-884 Data line loop suppressor
HM-L-901 Technical Assistance Field Trip (1st day)
HM-L-901A Technical Assistance Field Trip (Additional days)
HM-L-902 Corporate technical training, Tampa, FL
HM-L-903 Customer site technical training
HM-L-920 Architects’ & Engineers’ Manual
HM-L-930 Installation & Service Manual
HM-L-940 Software Manual
HM-L-BRO 4 color Sentry brochure