Since 1989, Sentry has been a reliable, cost effective emergency call solution for the senior housing market .The same attention to detail went into the development of our new Freedom wireless system.

Sentry Freedom includes the same great features that our hard-wired system provides, with the added benefits of a wireless solution. Heritage MedCall integrated the best available technology, we chose Inovonics 900 MHz spread spectrum technology as the back bone of our wireless system and Dell Computers for our master console. Partnering with companies who have solid reputations and proven products helps to ensure that our customers will be using the best solution available.

Heritage Medcall
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  • Wireless technology based on Inovonics EchoStream 900 MHz spread spectrum technology.
  • Sends redundant messages on many different frequencies to ensure every message is received.
  • Fully wireless system.
  • All devices fully supervised.
  • Regular check-ins of device condition.
  • Separate Administrator and User log-ins.
  • Voice Synthesizer Announcements.
  • Output events to pagers, two-way radios, phones and email.
  • Remote diagnostics and programming capability with internet connection.
  • Local or Remote report generation of events or devices by day, week, months or shift.
  • Keyboard or Touch-Screen enabled.
  • Resident information text box with picture.
  • Involuntary Resident assurance check-ins using room motion detectors or door switches.
  • Low battery indicator gives advanced notice to simplify maintenance.
  • Easy expansion for large multi-phase projects.
  • Easy integration with other building systems.
  • Expandable to 8000 devices.

Now on Google Play and iOS App Store

We are excited to announce that our Sentry Freedom application now has a companion messaging app for Android and Apple devices and is available on Google Play and iOS App Store. Contact Heritage MedCall for more details.

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Heritage Medcall

HM-1221S-60N or HM-1221S-60W

New waterproof pendants. 60% smaller than previous pendant. Alarm activation light with vibration feedback. Low battery warning indication light. Available with breakaway lanyard or wristband or optional belt loop attachment.

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The Sentry Wireless Single Patient Station is a single gang, wall-mounted device. Call placement is via a bed cord utilizing a ¼” phone jack. An LED indicator lights when the call is placed and remains on until the call is cancelled at the station. A call can also be placed by removing the call cord from the jack.

Heritage Medcall
Heritage Medcall


The HM-1223S is a single button wireless pendant transmitter, which features a one second press and hold for activation to prevent false alarms. The HM-1223S uses 900 MHz spread spectrum technology and has an open field range up to 4976 feet. Water-resistant pendant can be worn in the shower or bathtub. Pendant can be worn around the neck with the supplied chain or on the belt loop and can be easily converted to wear on the wrist with the optional wristband clip (HM-ACC623).


The HM-W541 Wireless Emergency Call Station is single gang, wall-mounted device with a nylon pull cord / slide switch with LED indicator light. Either the pull cord or the slide switch may place calls. Available in battery or remote powered versions. Additional call devices can be wired to these stations to cut down the need for more transmitters in the residents rooms. A second input available for monitoring smoke detectors or door / window contacts for security.

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