The Sentry Emergency Call / Smoke Warning System was designed specifically for Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, and is the low cost, full-featured choice for providing safety and security for their residents.

An intelligent, modular, CPU based system, Sentry can integrate many building systems, such as Fire, Nurse Call, Wandering and Access Control into one easily understood and operated system, annunciating pertinent calls on video and remote LCD displays, local pocket page or synthesized voice over 2-way radio.

The Sentry system is also a perfect choice to upgrading existing facilities desiring to offer the benefits of a true digital system, such as a Video Display, Event Recording and pocket page annunciation. The upgrade also eliminates the large annunciator panels and their large bundles of wiring.

Sentry offers optional wireless pendant operation, allowing residents the freedom to place calls from anywhere in their apartments, and in selected common areas. The Sentry Legacy is easily installed using simple 2 pair wire in a “daisy chain” configuration, assuring the lowest installed cost, reliability of operation, and the most features and capabilities for your capital dollar. Existing facilities can often reuse wiring and/or apartment devices while upgrading their emergency call systems.

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