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Sentry Freedom White Paper


Heritage MedCall (formerly Sentry Manufacturing) has been manufacturing Legacy wired emergency call systems since 1989. These systems range in size from just a few rooms to over 1500 apartments over many acres. Legacy wired systems are field proven to be dependable and robust emergency call systems. The Legacy wired system utilizes a 4 wire bus that runs to every room covered in the facility. 2 wires for 12 volt DC power and 2 wires for RS485 communication back to the head end.

As technology has advanced over the past 20 years the Legacy system has advanced as well to include resident check in, motion detectors, pendants, reports and resident information, but there comes a time when technology makes a leap beyond what an existing infrastructure can accommodate. In 2006 Heritage MedCall released the Freedom Wireless emergency call system. The Freedom Wireless system leverages all the latest technology available in commercial MESH networks and 900 Mhz spread spectrum technology. With over 200+ installs already throughout the United States it has quickly become the standard emergency call system of many large providers. The problem until now has been how to convert the Legacy wired system to the Freedom wireless….

Heritage Medcall


The HM-W541RFX wireless remote powered pull cord, this new pull cord is the bridge between 2 great emergency call systems. The HM-W541RFX gives your facility the ability to run both systems while you convert from the Legacy wired system to the Freedom wireless system. One room, one floor, one building. The Retrofit pull cord plugs in to the existing wiring and infrastructure that is already functioning. This does not add anymore load to the system because you are removing the old host panel and only the power is utilized from the common hallway wiring. All the communication is then done over our secure wireless mesh network to send all in room events to the server.

The room events include:

  1. Emergency pull cord alarms from any room in the apartment / condo
  2. Smoke alarms from all smoke detectors in the apartment / condo
  3. Supervision trouble of a remote pull cord
  4. Supervision trouble of a smoke detector

So much more than just a pull cord, the HM-W541RFX is a pull cord and a room level management module. While most pull cords simply state what alarms has been set, the retro fit pull cord supervises, powers, and controls the smoke detectors and even switches their polarity to create the temporal pattern sounder. The retro fit pull cord can be set for new 4 wire smoke detectors or legacy 6 wire smoke detectors via a dip switch on the back. The retro fit pull cord also has the ability to supervise the smoke detectors and the remote pull cords via end of line resistors. If anything breaks the circuit it is going to register a fault on the server.

The HM-W541RFX retro fit pull cord was designed with every eventuality in mind, this includes a built in soft start. Upon start up every retro fit pull cord has a random number generator that turns it on at a sequenced interval. This allows all devices to be powered up at the exact same time without worrying about a current drain and resulting problems.

Feature List:

  1. 12 Volt Powered – Never a battery to change.
  2. 4 or 6 Wire Smoke Detector Power and Control – Powers and operates both 4 and 6 wire smoke detector. Switches polarity to perform temporal sounder pattern.
  3. Remote Pull Cords – Run as many remote pull cords off of the retro fit pull cord without the need to purchase multiple master stations.
  4. Wireless Communication – Communicate with the head end wirelessly. Including alarm, tamper, trouble, supervisory and check-in messages.
  5. Fully Supervised – Every device is supervised, remote pull cords, smoke detectors and the master station check in with the server a specific periods to ensure that they are working properly.
  6. Dome Light Control – Can control dome light operation for above door lighting.
  7. Led Indicator Light – LED indicates which trouble is present
  8. Reset Button – Clear alarms at device. Ensures all residents proper safety and care.
  9. Call Assurance LED – Host and remote pull cords have a call assurance LED to let residents know help is on the way.


The Heritage MedCall HM-W541RFX is the easiest and most cost efficient way to upgrade your aging legacy facility or add to a legacy installation.

The flexibility of One Room, One Floor, One Building is a feature unto itself with the ability to stretch your budget and implementation timeline out it makes sense to start now.

HM-W541RFX spec sheet

HM-W541RFX wiring diagram

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