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VNS List

Visual Nurse Call Product List

Part Number
Wiring Inserts
HM-D1 Annunciator Panel – 1 Lamp HM-Dx Wiring
HM-D2 Annunciator Panel – 2 Lamp HM-Dx Wiring
HM-D3 Annunciator Panel – 3 Lamp HM-Dx Wiring
HM-D4 Annunciator Panel – 4 Lamp HM-Dx Wiring
HM-DM1 Dome Light – White
HM-DM2 Dome Light – White/Red
HM-DM4 Dome Light – W/R/G/Amber
HM-LI382LED LED Dome Light 2 Section
R15003-W DM series Bulb – White
R15003-R DM series Bulb – Red
R15003-G DM series Bulb – Green
R15003-A DM series Bulb – Amber
R15003-B DM series Bulb – Blue
HM-A10 Annunciator Panel 10 Lamp HM-A10 Wiring
HM-A20 Annunciator Panel 20 Lamp HM-A20 Wiring
HM-A30 Annunciator Panel 30 Lamp HM-A30 Wiring
HM-A40 Annunciator Panel 40 Lamp HM-A40 Wiring
HM-A50 Annunciator Panel 50 Lamp HM-A50 Wiring
HM-A60 Annunciator Panel 60 Lamp HM-A60 Wiring
HM-A-AM Annunciator Lens – Amber
HM-A-BL Annunciator Lens – Blue
HM-A-CL Annunciator Lens – Clear
HM-A-GR Annunciator Lens – Green
HM-A-RD Annunciator Lens – Red
HM-A-WH Annunciator Lens – White
HM-A-Y Annunciator Lens – Yellow
HM-1BK2 1 Pushbutton Panel Latching HM-1BK2 Wiring
HM-2BK2 2 Pushbutton Panel latching HM-2BK2 Wiring
HM-3BK2 3 Pushbutton Panel Latching HM-3BK2 Wiring
HM-B-AM Pushbutton Lens – Amber
HM-B-BK Pushbutton Lens – Black
HM-B-BL Pushbutton Lens – Blue
HM-B-CL Pushbutton Lens – Clear
HM-B-GR Pushbutton Lens – Green
HM-B-RD Pushbutton Lens – Red
HM-B-WH Pushbutton Lens – White
HM-B-Y Pushbutton Lens – Yellow
HM-4P Pre-wired Connector – 4P
HM-11P Pre-wired Connector – 11P
HM-13P Pre-wired Connector – 13P
HM-SPS Single Patient Station HM-SPS Wiring
HM-SPS/OCT SPS – Octal socket – Grey
HM-DPS Dual Patient Station – 1 Gang HM-DPS Wiring
HM-DPS-2G Dual Patient Station – 2 Gang
HM-1BK2 Emer Emergency Call Switch
HM-TES Toilet Station (Pull cord) HM-TES Wiring
HM-SF337C Water Proof Station
HM-1BK2 Code Blue Code Blue Switch
HM-PBCC-8 8′ Pushbutton Call Cord
HM-PBCC-12 12′ Pushbutton Call Cord
HM-GER-8 8′ Geriatric/Mechanical Call Cord
HM-OXY-8 8′ Oxygen Safe Call Cord
HM-PPB Plug Pushbutton
HM-PLUG Call Cord Dummy Plug
HM-CTU/TCU Central Tone Unit w/ Tone Control Unit HM-CTU/TCU
HM-F3 Three Level Flasher Unit HM-F3 Wiring
HM-ZCM3 Three Level Zone Control Module
HM-ECU Entertainment Control Unit
HM-ECUP Prewired ECU Connectors
HM-DUTY Duty Station HM-Duty Wiring
HM-T1 Lamp and Tone Control Module HM-T1 Wiring
HM-T4 Lamp and Tone Control Module HM-T4 Wiring
HM-T8 Lamp and Tone Control Module HM-T8 Wiring
HM-ESC Emergency Switch Covers
HM-W2BB W-2 Back Box
HM-DAC Desktop Annunciator Console
HM-J13 Junction Box
HM-537-24V Power Supply 24VDC 3A
HM-V-BRO 4 color Visual Nurse Call System (VNS) Brochure