Connecting Residents & Caregivers

Make your community safer for your residents. Give your caregivers an easier platform to respond quickly to emergencies.
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Our platform makes it easy to answer emergency calls and know that issues are being addressed, increasing the safety of your residents.


Smart UI/UX gives your caregivers the ability to quickly understand where the call is coming from and respond immediately.


Built with the gold standard of software coding, our Fusion and Freedom platforms are the most reliable life safety systems for senior living.


We have options for all budgets to make sure your community is compliant, from simple visual systems to top-of-the-line software.
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& upgrade your community

Save Money

Find billable events outside of care plans to develop fair pricing models, track mobile devices when lost, and save money on retrofitting your community.

Save Time

Our platforms make it easy to route the call to the right caregiver. With our intuitive platform and 1-to-1 support, save time on training and troubleshooting.

Capture Data

Discovering important data points, like how long your caregivers are spending with your residents, can help you understand where you can build efficiency.

Our Senior Living Products


The best user interface in the life safety call ecosystem. Caregivers can quickly see where emergency calls are happening and know if they're being addressed.
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The same infrastructure of the Fusion system in a more affordable package. Get the same robust safety system without all the bells and whistles.
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Visual Nurse Call System

Simple and affordable, quickly set up your community for UL-1069 compliance without spending too much time or money.
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